WordPress Skills Educational Opportunity

One of the skills that is most often requested as a Virtual Assistant is WordPress website or blog set-up and maintenance. I have learned a little about WordPress “on-the-job”, with the maintenance of my own site and those of a few of my clients. I know a little about html, but the thought of getting into the back end of a website and taking the risk of possibly “breaking” something has always driven enough fear into me to avoid it altogether.

That is why I’m excited to learn about VAClassroom’s (my favorite online learning center) most recent course offering – WORDPRESS SKILLS. This unique, online, live and interactive¬†class is scheduled for September 27 and 28, and it sounds like a wonderful opportunity to learn what themes to use, how to make the site SEO friendly, what plugins to use and more. They are offering some top-notch ideas and skills on WordPress development and implementation.

The best part is that they are offering a $50 discount if you sign up by midnight on Wednesday, September 21.

If you or anyone you know needs to brush up on your WordPress skills, VAClassroom is the place to be. Just click here to be taken to their sales page, and I will “see” you in class.

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Excellent service and fast turnaround. Definitely makes up for my shortcomings. I have worked in the oil & gas industry for over 40 yrs, In the days of secretaries and/or secretarial pools. First they typed proposals, then they used word processors, and finally computers. Times became faster and there were less people involved. Jaclyn's services are mind boggling; email it to her and she returns the project. I am not that computer literate and have had a stroke. So, I am not that proficient. We are that busy, and just inefficient, but Jaclyn makes the final product so much better.

Ron Nutt
Universal Fluids
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