Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads

When using LinkedIn for lead generation, your goal is to stay connected to existing customers and branch out those connections to include prospective customers. There are several ways you can use LinkedIn to generate leads for your business, and what you need is to create a plan of action and make a commitment to following your plan.

The key to LinkedIn is to be consistent and committing to the above. Don’t give up, because results will not be obtained overnight, but your network will be built at a slow and steady pace and you will eventually reach your goal. As always, I am happy to help. Call me at (832)295-9804 or email me at

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In all my working years, I have not worked with a person more conscientious and competent than Jaclyn. Add that to how well she gets along with everybody and her complete trustworthiness, and you have quite a combination. I am delighted for Jaclyn that she has become an entrepreneur. I predict big things for her. There is absolutely no one I would hire before Jaclyn to provide web-based administrative support and other such services.

Don E. Tomlinson
Attorney at Law
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