Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads

When using LinkedIn for lead generation, your goal is to stay connected to existing customers and branch out those connections to include prospective customers. There are several ways you can use LinkedIn to generate leads for your business, and what you need is to create a plan of action and make a commitment to following your plan.

The key to LinkedIn is to be consistent and committing to the above. Don’t give up, because results will not be obtained overnight, but your network will be built at a slow and steady pace and you will eventually reach your goal. As always, I am happy to help. Call me at (832)295-9804 or email me at

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It is my honor and privilege to have become acquainted with and work with Ms. Jaclyn Croft. Over the past fifteen years I have worked with six virtual assistants. Of those six, Ms. Croft stands out among all of them. Ms. Croft exceeds in professionalism, which can be defined as excellent work product, timeliness, efficiency and keeping her promises. It has been my experience that she has the equipment and the knowledge to accomplish the task at hand. Many virtual assistants open up an office on their kitchen table. Ms. Croft has her own dedicated office, as well as the ability to write and spell. In this day and time, many virtual assistants do not have this spelling skill and prefer writing in a text-like manner. Ms. Croft is not one of those people. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and it has increased the efficiency of my office. I plan on utilizing her services until I retire.

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