Spreading the Love (of Reading)

I usually like to include articles here about technology and keeping up with the newest trends in working virtually.
However, I want to pass along information about an upcoming event that I think sheds light on an issue very dear to my heart, and that is literacy. We have become so busy in our lives that often the idea of sitting and reading a good book takes a back seat to more fun and entertaining activities. As a Virtual Assistant, I do a lot of reading for business, and I enjoy reading for pleasure at every opportunity.
Have you ever heard of a 24-hour Read-a-Thon? I hadn’t either, but there is a Read-a-Thon coming up on Saturday, October 22. The goal is to have as many people reading as possible during a 24-hour period, everywhere across the globe. This website lists the start time for each time zone. Here in CST time zone we will be starting at 7:00 am and reading until 7:00 am on Sunday, October 23.
The beauty of a Read-a-Thon is that you can participate as a team member on a team if you know you can’t read for 24 hours straight (and after all, that would be very difficult even if you LOVE to read, right?). I will be working with a team of Virtual Assistants who will be each reading for a designated period of time, covering the 24 hour period with our efforts. Need a team to join? Let me know, we’d love to have you on our team.
Now you’re wondering what to read? The easy answer is “anything you like”, and yes, that includes electronic readers. If you have small children, read their books to them. If your children are in school, let the school know about the Read-a-Thon and get them involved. The Read-a-Thon website has lots of information and tips. If you don’t want to read, there are other ways to participate.
Let me know how you do with the Read-a-Thon, and don’t forget to join my team if you need one. Just email me at jaclyn@croftvs.com.

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It is my honor and privilege to have become acquainted with and work with Ms. Jaclyn Croft. Over the past fifteen years I have worked with six virtual assistants. Of those six, Ms. Croft stands out among all of them. Ms. Croft exceeds in professionalism, which can be defined as excellent work product, timeliness, efficiency and keeping her promises. It has been my experience that she has the equipment and the knowledge to accomplish the task at hand. Many virtual assistants open up an office on their kitchen table. Ms. Croft has her own dedicated office, as well as the ability to write and spell. In this day and time, many virtual assistants do not have this spelling skill and prefer writing in a text-like manner. Ms. Croft is not one of those people. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and it has increased the efficiency of my office. I plan on utilizing her services until I retire.

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