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Many business owners today are finding it more cost-effective to partner with a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager than to hire an employee when considering finding help with their administrative tasks. Here is why:

Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers work from their own office at affordable rates, providing a multitude of office support services. They are also only paid for actual time worked, which is tracked electronically for accuracy.

Did you know that employees typically cost their employers double their hourly rate? Remember that employees are seldom 100% productive due to personal matters, idle time between tasks, equipment down-time, as well as inability of employer to generate enough work to keep them busy due to everyday distractions, meetings and commitments. In addition to the administrative costs of employees, employers need to provide such benefits as sick time and vacations, computer equipment and software, furniture and office space, and pay federal and state employee taxes, unemployment taxes and workers compensation insurance. Business owners bear none of these costs when partnering with a Virtual Assistant.

Our goal at Croft Virtual Solutions, LLC is to partner with each client using the most cost-effective means for their individual needs. Our services are available on either a monthly retainer basis, a project basis or hourly as-needed for any project, and our hourly rates are competitive within the virtual assistance industry.

Contact us today at 832/295-9804 or get a special quote for your particular project by filling out the form on our Croft Virtual Solutions Contact Us page or emailing to jaclyn@croftvs.com.


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Excellent service and fast turnaround. Definitely makes up for my shortcomings. I have worked in the oil & gas industry for over 40 yrs, In the days of secretaries and/or secretarial pools. First they typed proposals, then they used word processors, and finally computers. Times became faster and there were less people involved. Jaclyn's services are mind boggling; email it to her and she returns the project. I am not that computer literate and have had a stroke. So, I am not that proficient. We are that busy, and just inefficient, but Jaclyn makes the final product so much better.

Ron Nutt
Universal Fluids
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