Olbia, on the Island of Sardinia

Today we stopped at the port in Olbia, a town in the northeastern corner of the island of Sardinia. Olbia has a rich history and some interesting tourist sights within the town; however, the biggest attraction for my daughter and me on this day was what we had been looking forward to since the planning of this trip – the beach.

Olbia offers a crystal clear sea and beautiful beaches. As a perfect day with clear blue skies dawned, we headed out of the ship to grab a taxi to take us to one of the amazing beaches that are available. We were not disappointed. Upon arrival, instead of laying our beach towels on the sand and soaking up the sun there as we would normally do, we decided that since the sun was already getting quite strong, a better idea would be to walk a quarter mile down the beach to an area with umbrellas and lounge chairs that can be rented. We grabbed the last spot available in the “first row”, and were very happy with our timing as an hour after arrival, all four rows of umbrellas and chairs had been rented and we had the perfect view of this beautiful sea.

The beach was in a cove surrounded by large rocky areas and huge rocks jutting out of the sea in various areas. It was so peaceful and picturesque; we wanted to stay all day. We swam in the Mediterranean (the water was cold!) and slept in our lounge chairs, and did exactly what we wanted and needed to do – relax!

The only down side on this day were the multitudes of vendors milling throughout the tourists at the beach, trying to sell everything from souvenirs to jewelry, toys and clothes. We had to say “no” so many times that we decided that if we had one Euro for each time we had been approached, we would have been able to pay for the round trip taxi and the rental of the umbrella and lounge chairs.

After a few hours, we had no problem hailing a taxi to take us back to the ship in plenty of time to enjoy lunch and more siesta and relaxation. The perfect end to a perfect day!

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  1. Ron Nutt says:

    Excellent service and fast turnaround, definitely makes up for my shortcomings.

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