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Continuing in our recent series regarding using LinkedIn for your business, I wonder how many of you know that you can set up a Company Page in LinkedIn to further develop your business presence.

I learned about this recently, and it looks like a wonderful way to increase your opportunities to network with clients, prospective clients, potential job candidates, vendors, and your peers.

The first step is to create your company page, integrating images, hyperlinked banners and links to your website and blog pages. Use informative descriptions about your ideal customer and the products or services you provide, and begin posting regular updates.

Similar to your Facebook page and Twitter profile, you will need to work to build a community of followers; your updates won’t be visible unless someone visits your page directly. Begin building your community by following the company pages of industry peers and current and prospective customers. Follow companies that are outside of your industry but in your location. Watch for their company updates and engage with them. Thank them on their page for something they post that is helpful to you in your business.

Send an announcement to your LinkedIn personal connections and group members, being sure to provide benefits to them in following your page. Be sure to provide interesting and valuable updates to your company page.

It is important to invest in your LinkedIn company presence regardless of the size of your business. Your LinkedIn company page will also be indexed by search engines, which can provide more visibility to your business. This is one of the best ways to set your company apart and provide ongoing value to your customers and prospects.

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