Livorno and Pisa

Well, we had a slight change of plans here aboard the Carnival Breeze this week. On Monday night, after leaving Sardinia, the cruise director announced that we needed to change our schedule slightly. The original plan was to dock at … Continue reading

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“Messin’ Around” – in Messina

We arrived in Messina early this morning, and, for the most part, we had a more relaxing day than many that we have had until this point. Messinais on the island of Sicily, just three miles off the coast of … Continue reading

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Charming Dubrovnik, Croatia

Today we visited our first cruise port. We are in an entirely new country –Croatia. I didn’t know a lot about Croatia prior to this visit, but I found the city of Dubrovnik and the history of Croatia to be … Continue reading

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Venice – My Favorite So Far

Yes, I have been looking forward to Venice since we began planning this trip, so I may be fairly partial, but after two days here I must say that though my feet are about to fall off, Venice has not been … Continue reading

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Florence – A City For Wandering

We have now spent two wonderful days in the Florence and Tuscany areas. Though Rome was exciting and interesting, the beauty of Florence stands in stark contrast. It is simply beautiful here. We spent the first day seeing all the … Continue reading

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When In Rome …

Okay, here we are on our first full day in Rome. We arrived at 8:30 am. As I write this, it is 10:00 pm Rome time. My computer is still set for Houston time. 3:00 am. Yes, in one short … Continue reading

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Next Stop: Florence

Okay, this morning it is time to leave Rome. I have mixed feelings, leaving a city that I had only within the last 24 hours finally adapted to and learned to find my way around, feeling sad to be leaving … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, Go!

Okay, I leave tomorrow, and I will be busy packing today. Fortunately, our tour director (aka Ed, my lovable brother-in-law) has worked diligently and pretty much non-stop at preparing all 29 of us for this trip. Thank God for Ed … Continue reading

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Where Am I Going?

Where am I going? That is a very good question. Aside from Rome, Florence, the Tuscany area, Bologna and Venice that I mentioned earlier, the cruise ship that we will be travelling on will be making stops at several very … Continue reading

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What Am I Doing?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am leaving May 26, and returning June 17. But I didn’t give you many details, did I? That’s because I wanted to be sure you came back to read more. I fly … Continue reading

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