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Welcome to My Virtual Office, where I have been providing authors, business and life coaches, professional speakers and entrepreneurs with online business management since 2006.

Do you have enough time each day…

If you don’t have the need or the budget for an employee to handle all the details that need to be handled in your business, or if you have ever wished you could find an assistant you could work with on an as-needed basis, you have come to the right place.

What are Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers?

Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers are highly-skilled professionals working as independent contractors, who…

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Excellent service and fast turnaround. Definitely makes up for my shortcomings. I have worked in the oil & gas industry for over 40 yrs, In the days of secretaries and/or secretarial pools. First they typed proposals, then they used word processors, and finally computers. Times became faster and there were less people involved. Jaclyn's services are mind boggling; email it to her and she returns the project. I am not that computer literate and have had a stroke. So, I am not that proficient. We are that busy, and just inefficient, but Jaclyn makes the final product so much better.

Ron Nutt
Universal Fluids
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